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Opti-Free Puremoist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution with Lens Case 2 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)…

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OPTI-FREE Pure moist is your multi-purpose contact lens solution from morning until night and everything in between. No matter what your day brings, OPTI-FREE® Pure moist® gives you all-day comfort. Here's why OPTI-FREE Pure moist is where it's at: Ever wonder why a multi-purpose contact lens solution is different than saline The fact is, saline solutions were never meant to clean or disinfect your contact lenses. All they really do is rinse your contact lenses. OPTI-FREE® Multi-purpose Solutions rinse, clean, disinfect, store and recondition your lenses. Our multipurpose disinfecting solution is more than your average saline solution, so there are a few extra steps to follow to ensure your lenses are truly clean, clear and comfortable. Remember to always wash, rinse and dry your hands before handling contact lenses. Sometimes lenses get dry and uncomfortable. But don't worry, OPTI-FREE® Pure moist® Rewetting Drops give you a refreshing burst of moisture that's designed to work with OPTI-FREE® Pure moist® Contact Lens Solution for added comfort. OPTI-FREE full line of eye care products including multipurpose contact lens solutions, rewetting drops and more are available online or in-store at Walmart.
  • Polyquat® and Aldox® disinfectants get rid of microorganisms that can cause eye infections
  • #1 doctor recommended multi-purpose contact lens solution
  • Multi-purpose contact lens solution that rinses, cleans, disinfects, stores and reconditions contact lenses unlike saline solutions
  • Eye disinfectant solution for simple, safe eye care with added comfort and moisture
  • Free lens case included!
  • Exclusive dual disinfectants Polyquat and Aldox get rid of microorganisms that can cause eye infections
  • The HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix surrounds your lenses in a cushion of moisture, provides all-day comfort and creates a barrier that reduces deposits and debris
  • It's the #1 doctor recommended multi-purpose solution. OPTI-FREE is the contact lens solution doctors love to recommend